Are you looking for reliable partners for your brand’s promotion in Russia?

Company "Tempo Plus" supplies and sales men's and women's underwear, home clothes, home textiles, swimsuits (and accessories), handkerchiefs, hosiery, hats, scarves, shawls and stoles of known European brands throughout Russia and CIS countries for more than 15 years. During its activity, the company has recommended itself as a reliable partner for both customers and suppliers.

Our large client base allows you to work with our company in order to expand the market of your product sales.

What services can we offer?

1. Promotion of your brand in Russia and Customs Union countries.



     - Provision of space for your exhibits in our showroom

      - Creation of web-site or provision of space on our site

      - Filling the site information

      - Catalogs handling

      - Creation of order forms

      - Regular delivery of presentations, new products, promotions through our base

2. Registration of certificates and declarations of conformity.

3. Consultations on the marketing and Russian market distinctive features.

4. Help and support for participation in exhibitions.

      - Creation the plan of exhibitions for the next year in your field and in desirable country (CIS)

      - Communication with the exhibition after confirmation from the participating company

      - Assisting and advising in the selection of the exhibition location (12-15 square meters)

      - Addressing all the issues related to the preparation and signing of the accompanying technical documentation.

     - Making minimum required translation.

      - Informing customers about the holding of exhibitions with your participation

Note: costs of participation, preparation, air tickets, hotel, transfer, food, translation and other operating expenses related to the exhibition must be paid by company itself.

5. Support of business contracts from order to delivery.

       - Service for payment of contracts with a further provision of documents

6. Logistics and Transportation

        - Recommendations for the choice of transport companies

        - Assistance in preparing of applications

        - Consultations on customs tariffs

Our managers would be glad to answer all your questions